towards defeating Parkinson’s.

  • Early detection of Parkinson’s disease
  • Continuous monitoring & Therapy control
  • Quantified evaluation
  • Enhanced research opportunities


The Clavicont project was launched in 2012 when a handful of enthusiastic researchers accidentally found a new approach to the implementation
of automated data collection and data processing and a new way of utilising this.

After many years of voluntary work, in 2017 we establish an individual company to support medical applications. Product development and marketing will soon be implemented within this new framework.

The members of our team consists of data scientists, engineers, IT experts, doctors who have worked together for a long time.

The long years of voluntary work, brainstorming and data collection well represents the commitment of our colleagues. Our solutions include individual know-how and we develop everything to meet real user demands.


Usefulness to society and solving real social problems is not considered an unpleasant obligation by our staff. This is also proved by the time we have spent working on such projects.

  1. The incubation period of Parkinson’s disease makes it very difficult to research how it is developed. Early detection of this disease can help us manage this problem.
  2. Without early detection, the patient has no chance of getting treatments or lifestyle advice. We would like to change this.
  3. It would be good to assess the effect of current medicines and treatments as accurately and as frequently as possible. Medical examinations often happen once every few months and they usually include visual checks and palpation.

We provide a simple and cheap solution that can greatly improve patient monitoring.

Specialised software version for each type of users


Clavicont • a tool supporting neurological
and psychological diagnostics

In terms of neurological conditions, our best results are in connection with Parkinson’s disease. There is no solution for the early detection of this (and other paralytic diseases that originate from the central nervous system), it is only diagnosed based on the syndrome, although doctors consider this an exact solution.

The solutions of early diagnosis are researched all over the world, but there has been no implementation in practice.

Our solution provides a very early and accurate diagnosis in most cases.

In order to retain function during the disease, early detection is very important for potential patients by encouraging early screening, and this is exactly what we provide.

Deaths from Parkinson disease / million persons, 2012
Deaths from Parkinson disease / million persons, 2012

Late detection greatly hinders treatment and research so this is why early detection is invaluable.

The other problem is the fact that measuring the progress or the effectiveness of new medicines and treatments in case of diagnosed and treated patients is very difficult.

What does the ‘product’ mean?
What does the ‘product’ mean?

Clavicont consists of a data collection (user module and technical module) and an evaluation supporting (medical module) part.

The software runs completely in the background making measured data easier to evaluate.

This means that the examined person

  • does not have to do anything differently
  • does not have to perform any special activity
  • is not affected by anything new

Data is examined on three levels

  • quantitative evaluation of categorised phenomena and dynamic parameters
  • highly processed analytics created by report generating and data mining features
  • acquiring new knowledge with the help of a pattern recognizing application
System overview
System overview


Urszin Sándor

Sándor Urszin


As the CEO of Claviont, one of my main task is to harmonize our team-members’ work and besides this I have to facilitate that our effort meet the needs of our clients.

Dr. Szabó Sándor

Sándor Szabó PhD.

R&D Director

As a Research & Development Director, I am responsible for managing software and hardware development, selecting the appropriate technologies, and coordinating the validation.

Soltész Péter

Péter Soltész

Lead Data Scientist

We are building Machine Learning and Statistical models on top of isolated features of typing data, that reflect our neural system in a way only a few scientists had the privilege to see.

Borbély Krisztián

Krisztián Borbély

Data Scientist

I work as a data scientist, but I also do software developing tasks, i.e. writing diagnostic and monitoring algorithms. My neuropsychological knowledge also helps a lot during my job.

Várhelyi Gábor

Gábor Várhelyi

Electrical Engineer

My job is to build devices and sensor-systems. I am currently working on a pressure sensitive keyboard, and optical system that helps identifying the hand that pressed an actual key.

Biró László

Biró László

QA Tester

My mission is to increase the quality of our product and put great emphasis on teamwork in order to innovatively research the early detection of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The team consists of people who are able to cooperate well with each other.

Currently we are recruiting senior and junior data analysts.

More information and application


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Even those patients remain undiagnosed with advanced PD who visited regularly their doctors  – showed our experiences after the weekends’s Suburb Health Day, held in the 16th district’s Medical Center at Budapest.   It was the first time that the Clavicont’s diagnostic software was available for interested visitors, we thank them all who tried it …

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